FSEconomy World Tour 4: EGCC-EIKN

I said yesterday I would be looking for passengers or freight destined for Scotland. Turns out nobody in Manchester wants to go there. There were 996kg of hospital supplies that had to move to Connaught in Ireland however. I must admit I’d never conciously heard of it, but Connaught’s history sounds fascinating and pictures reveal something that looks like a great holiday destination. The airport I am asked to go is Ireland West Airport Knock. Since it has a respectable 7700ft runway and nobody else rented the Learjet I took to Manchester yesterday yet, I decided to have some more fun in this plane that’s like a flying racecar. The weather in Manchester is overcast but dry, but weather for Connaught is a bit troublesome with thunderstorms reported in the area.


I found the Learjet 24 back parked next to a plane I’ve flown a lot between Rotterdam and London City. I mean, a lot!


Having been pushed back I noticed it was a pretty busy morning at Manchester


Lots happening at the gates as well


Lined up and ready to go


Climbing out


Leaving the clouds right under me


Crossing the Irish Sea


And indeed: thunderstorms in the area!


Diving in and out of clouds towards the runway


No trees near this runway


Parked at this cosy airport.

Made $3300 after expenses on this flight. Looking forward to continuing up north.

As an aside: I am always amazed by the work people do as part of their hobby. This EIKN scenery is freeware created by George Keogh



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