FSEconomy World Tour 3: EGLL-EGCC

After a good night sleep at one of Heathrow’s many hotels I went to look for things or people wanting to move up north. I was able to pick up five passengers wanting to go to Manchester, and rent a Learjet 24. I decided to depart straight at dawn. Loaded up 200 gallons of fuel which should be more than enough to get us through this short hop.


Ready for departure


Climbing out out of busy busy Heathrow


Beautiful skies over England today



I was vectored straight over Birmingham airport


Descending towards Manchester


And there it is


Who put those trees on the runway threshold?

I managed to put it down safely. Going to spend the rest of the day here. Made just over $3100 on this trip. Will see whether I can get closer to Scotland tomorrow, so I can plan getting to the Faroe Islands and get across to Iceland.



One thought on “FSEconomy World Tour 3: EGLL-EGCC

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