FSEconomy World Tour 2: EGXT-EGLL

The first leg of my FSEconomy World Tour took me to Wittering AB in the UK. At Wittering there were only three paying assigments available, all going in the wrong direction (i.e. south where I want to go north). I could either take two pax down to Heathrow (68nm in the wrong direction), or do one of two military charters (129 and 238nm in the wrong direction respectively). Since I am pretty sure Heathrow will have stuff that needs to go north, I decided to pick up the two pax, who are willing to pay $1261 to get to London at this time of night (maybe they have to catch a show there). There were 5 aircraft available for rent at Wittering, of which I selected a Cessna 172 Skyhawk because I have no need of the extra seats in the Caravan, and this way I can save on rent. I realise of course that flying a Skyhawk into one of the busiest airports of the world is kind of silly, so the people I am flying tonight must be really, really important. There’s still 18 gallons in the tanks which should be more than enough to get us to London.


Ready for departure at Wittering


Flying down the runway. After the glass cockpit of the Caravan this one takes a bit of getting used to again


Turning away from the air base


Luton in the distance


Closing in on London


To the left I see the Millenium Dome, and one of my favourite airports in the world: London City


Flying down some downtown sights. I love running down there when I’m over for business


Approaching runway 27R

It was at this point it was made apparent again that flying a Skyhawk into Heathrow is silly, and that the AI ATC can be very dangerous at times. I was a bit below the glideslope closing in on the runway when I heard ATC clearing in a 757 which was on my tail. It should have been told to go around but wasn’t. It literally swooped by just overhead, throwing me (and my two VIP pax) around the sky due to jetwash (my fighting the plane explains the lack of screenshots of this particular incident). I saw the 757 pulling away, and just as it was about to touch down, I heard ATC tell it to go around. Bit late mate. Luckily I was able to recover, and continue.


Recovered after the near miss with the 757


Safely down on the runway

This second leg earned me $951.67. Since it’s completely dark now, I think I will check into one of the airport hotels and get some shut-eye.



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