FSEconomy World Tour 1: EHGG-EGXT

I decided to start my world tour from an airport in The Netherlands. After looking around a bit for suitable loads and aircraft currently available I settled on a flight from Groningen Eelde Airport to Wittering AB in the UK, carrying 1024kg of hospital supplies on a Cessna Caravan. The revenue on that payload is almost $7000, which counting rent, fuel and handling fees should leave me in nicely in the green on this flight. In real life I am about 200km away from Groningen, and the weather’s completely overcast here,. However, Active Sky Next tells me the weather at Eelde is actually pretty nice at the moment. Loaded up 130 gallons of fuel which ought to be enough to get us there and then some.


On the platform at Eelde, weather is indeed fine


Asking permission from the tower to taxi


Ready for take-off


Leaving Groningen. Its going to be a while before we’re back here



Flew almost straight over Drachten airfield. No point in stopping there this time around


Approaching the Pikmeer near Grou with Akkrum to the left


Looking down on Akkrum. Basically waving to my parents down there


Climbing above the clouds to smooth out the ride


Leaving The Netherlands behind to cross the North Sea


Halfway to England the sun is starting to set


Had to navigate around some thunderstorms


But luckily the weather cleared again when I approached the coast.


Lots of traffic at the east coast, so ATC kept me on my toes


There’s Wittering!


I am pretty sure there’s something wrong with those PAPI lights. I cannot imagine I am way too high here


And there we are: safely clear of the runway

In the end I indeed stayed well in the green. Income for the cargo was $6876, rental for the plane was $728.78, fuel and ground crew were $1040.80 giving me earnings of $4941.56. Not bad for about a two hour flight 🙂

First leg done. I am going to look for some cargo or passengers that can take me up north. I am guessing the former may not be available since I am now at a military base.



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