Eindhoven Airport Run

Today was the first “Eindhoven Airport Run“: a 12.5k (advertised) run along the perimeter of Eindhoven Airport/AFB. The director of the airport was part of our NYC marathon group, and he invited the complete group to take part. There were about 1500 people taking part, half of them on the 12.5km (advertised) half of them on a 5k shorter loop near the terminal. When I was invited I decided to take this one slow, as I was still planning to do Rotterdam marathon a week later. This plan fell through last weekend, so there were no real restrictions on my running today. I hadn’t run all week (proud of myself for sticking to a full rest week) which was needed since I felt like I’d received a beating after my cut short long run of last Saturday. It took three days for the soreness to subside (crazy considering the pace, I know). So: no real plans today. I thought maybe I could get the 12.5k done in about 53 minutes. Weather was grey, some wind, bit of rain, not too hot. Set off in the front of the pack (which wasn’t that hard considering there weren’t that many people there). First two kms went in low 4s (4:01 and 4:03). We turned into the wind and pace slipped a bit to 4:13. Picked it up again to 4:06 with the wind at my side. I was running this bit alongside the second woman of the field: shw was SO incredibly light on her feet. This came all the more apparent when we ran south along the runway, straight into the wind. My pace slipped to 4:20, 4:28, 4:19, 4:18 in that bit, and she was able to pull away some 150m from me. When we turned back towards the terminal again, and the wind shifted I started reeling people in again. I was able to accelerate: 4:14, 4:07. Around km 10 I passed the lady again, and pushed on, 4:11, 4:11. At that point we were at the 12k point, which meant we should have had about 500m to go. However, the terminal building was still not in sight. Km 13 went in 4:05. Still some turns to go, and across the finish in 55:38. I came in 17th of 766 runners, 16th male out of 526. No age group results. I am pretty sure I scored my best “yellow man” so far:


My result page. All things considering I’m pleased with how this went. It’s a good result, but it also confirms I am not fit. In good shape I should have been able to run this about 8s/km faster at least. So I’m going to stick to the decision I took last week, and rest up.


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