This Week’s WTF Moment

I am sure Dante glossed over it: supermarkets just before holidays (and I’m using the term loosely here)┬árepresent one of the circles of Hell. This afternoon A and I went to Albert Heijn Leidschenveen supermarket to stock up for Easter. The experience presented a string of surprises that ranged from mild to astonishing. Continue reading


Eindhoven Airport Run

Today was the first “Eindhoven Airport Run“: a 12.5k (advertised) run along the perimeter of Eindhoven Airport/AFB. The director of the airport was part of our NYC marathon group, and he invited the complete group to take part. There were about 1500 people taking part, half of them on the 12.5km (advertised) half of them on a 5k shorter loop near the terminal. Continue reading