City Pier City HM 2014

After the coldest City Pier City HM in history in March 2013 (snow and hail, temperatures around zero), we had the warmest one this year. Temperatures were expected to hit around 15C, but turned out to go up to 19C in the end. Almost felt like summer and about 10C over what we saw so far this year!

At the start the organisation was actually urging people to drink enough, which I though somewhat over the top, but then again, there’s lot’s of first time half marathoners there.

I ran with team 1 of my employer again, but it seems we were a bit jinxed. I have just come back from sickness, two of our top runners actually dropped out sick yesterday, and another one was injured. So it definitely wasn’t in the cards to improve on our results from last year.

Even though I have just been sick and had to stop training for a whole week, I decided to go out on a limb, and try to stick to my PB pace from 2012, which took me to 1:26:45. My back-up plan was staying under 1:30.

I got to start out way in front, enjoying the sunshine waiting for the gun to fire. I set off at a good pace. The first 5k went in 20:46 which was my first 5k in 2012 to the second! At this point however, it had already become clear to me that a PB was not in the cards. HR had zoomed up to about 170bpm, and it didn’t feel as effortless as it should. I decided to dial down as there was no way I was going to sustain this, and this is definitely not a race to blow everything on. Second 5k went in 21:44 (20:37 in 2012). At this point I ached all over and was counting my blessings this was not a full marathon, as there was no way in hell I could’ve run another 32km. 11km was going to be hard enough, and I was starting to fear I wouldn’t even meet 1:30. 10-15km went in 22:16 (20:51 in 2012) and pace kept slipping (despite spotting a colleague cheering me on). The last 5km you can basically see the big office towers near the finish so you can see you’re getting close to the finish. I just decided to plod on at that point, and see where I’d end up. 15-20km went in 23:11 (20:07 in 2012). At this point I spotted another colleague, which helped me make a slight push for the finish line. Got it in just under 1:32:47 (1:32:57 gun time).

I really hope the collapse I encountered is due to lingering results of the virus that felled me halfway through February and kept me from running for a week. Otherwise there’s something more sinister going on. Going to monitor the situation closely and am starting this with a good day of rest.

Looking back over old results it appears this was actually the fifth time I ran CPC HM already:
1 1:26:45 (2012)
2 1:28:37 (2013)
3 1:32:47 (2014)
4 1:36:01 (2011)
5 1:53:54 (2010, first running event ever for me)


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