Mission to Minmus

Mission to Minmus

Since I have a day off today from NYC marathon prep (prep consisting of rest one week out from the big day), I finally have some time to put into KSP 0.22 that came out almost two weeks ago. Started from scratch, and I must say, it’s huge fun playing around with missions to get through your tech tree. The sandbox mode is fun in its own way, but the new career mode adds need to really do things step by step. Today I succeeded in landing a Kerbal on Minmus. Yesterday was my first attempt, but my design for a Minmus capable launcher-lander combination turned out not to have enough oomph to go all the way. Settled for a flyby, which gave me enough science points to get to better parts, which in turn allowed me to change my vehicle in such a way that the mission succeeded today (so far: I still have to get our intrepid explorer back home).


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