I am enjoying an incredibly lazy day off today, and after three weeks of travel I think I’ve earned it too. One thing I did do today is join Goodreads. I’ve come across the site at a number of occasions, but never took the time to create a profile. Did that today in the hopes of finding some gems I’ve not run across before.


Gemini in Kerbal Space Program

I found an amazing Kerbal Space Program Mod that includes Gemini and Mercury. Perfect for recreating a couple of historic flights. I had to create something Agena-like myself in order to start practising orbital rendezvous and docking procedures as they went for real (for the purists: I know Agena looked different, but the solar panels were needed, and I was too lazy to build Thor so used a Titan to launch it. The first flight and docking were successful:


The real thing looked something like this: Continue reading