Israel Visit

I got to visit Israel on work-related matters this week. Not the first time I was there, but it was the first time I got to visit Jerusalem. 2 hours is way way waaay to short to do that, but even that short visit was enough to make a lasting impression even on me as a non-religious person. I can see people from all kinds of religions want to go there.


Kerbal Space Program


I downloaded Kerbal Space Program yesterday. Big mistake: as in, some serious time may be lost playing this 😛 After playing around with three unmanned satellites (one of them showcased above), Jebediah Kerman became the first Kerbal to orbit his home planet Kerbin and live to pose for a picture next to his capsule. Notice the Mön just above the horizon. I think we may need to go there…


And you are?

And you are?

A meeting of two Mars Rovers in the game Take on Mars. Pure chance, one of the Rovers got stuck in reverse and suddenly turned up in a place where I was actually working on a mission with the other one.